About Overseas Order

How to ship

We can send your order by EMS(Express Mail Service) .

About EMS

Shipping cost

Shipping cost changes depending on the weight of the goods and the delivery location.

Detail of shipping cost

How to order

You can order only by email.


You can pay via PayPal.

Return policy

We can not accept returns and exchanges except the product which you received is a defective.
If you find the fault, please contact us.

Order Procedure

1.Please send us the following information via email (

※Please copy&paste the following.

[ Order information ]
・The item which you’d like
・The color which you’d like
・The size which you’d like

[ Shipping information ]
・Your name
・Shipping address
・Phone number

2.We will inform you the detail of your order and total amount.

3.Please confirm the details and amount and email us if you agree that.

4.We will send you PayPal invoice.

5.After we confirm your payment, we will ship your order within 2 business days.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us via email.